Hotels with Reservation for the ESPP

Hotel rooms in Tartu are sparse and it makes sense to try to book as quickly as possible. The weekend after the ESPP, Tartu hosts a big ralley and expects many tourists. Since most conference attendants will leave from Tallinn airport, it might be easier to find accommodation if one plans to spend the last night (after the conference) in Tallinn (we added some suggestions for hotels in Tallinn below). In order to make sure that there will be sufficiently many hotel rooms available for ESPP participants, we already made a number of reservations at hotels in the city center of Tartu (where also the conference will take place). These reservations can be booked via the reservation code “ESPP2015″ in the following hotels and guest houses:


Pallas Hotell

Riia 4
Phone: (+372) 7301 200
Mobile: (+372) 5301 6700
Fax: (+372) 730 1201
Price range: 58€ for a single room, 72€ for a double room.


Hansa Hotell

Aleksandri 46
Phone: (+372) 737 1800
Mobile: (+372) 5698 1700
Price range: 55€ for a single room, 69€ for a double room.


Barclay Hotell

Ülikooli 8
Phone: (+372) 7 447 100
Fax: (+372) 7 447 110
Price range: 89€ for a double room.


Tartu Hotell

Soola 3
Phone: +372 731 4300
Fax: +372 731 4301
Price range: 58€ for a double room (twin), 72€ for a triple room, 82€ for a quadruple room


Domus Dorpatensis

Raekoja plats 1/Ülikooli 7
Phone: (+372) 7331 345
Fax: (+372) 7331 340




Other Hotels

Here are some hotels that you might try as well. We just didn’t make any pre-reservations there:

Dorpat Hotel

Antonius Hotel

Park Hotel

Villa Margaretha

Raadi Hotel

Aleksandri Hotel





Finally, here is a list of guest houses and budget hostels:


Academus Hostel

Tampere Maja

Torni Hostel

Hostel Vaskali 4

Looming Hostel


Also, you can find appartments for short-term rent here:–Estonia

 Map of Hotels around the Venue

Hotels in Tallinn

Hotel St. Barbara

Park Inn Central Tallinn

Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia

Nordic Hotels

SOKOS hotels in Tallin

Hotel Ülemiste (airport hotel)