Programme & Recordings


ESPP Final Programme 2015 (version 15.07.2015, 08:43)

ESPP Book of Abstracts (version 16.07.2015, 11:03)

Keynote Talks

1. Marilyn Vihman (University of York): Advances in language development: Learning words and learning sounds

2. Cecilia Heyes (University of Oxford): On the origins of mindreading

3. Lucy O’Brien (University College London): Shameful Self-Consciousness

4. Joshua Knobe (Yale University): The essence of psychological essentialism


Invited Symposia

1. Language and Schizophrenia

Speakers: Wolfram Hinzen (Barcelona), Rosemary Varley (London), Valentina Bambini (Pavia), Gina Kuperberg (London)

2. Mindreading: Two puzzles in the theory of mind

Speakers: Stephen Butterfill (Warwick), Dana Schneider (Jena), Pierre Jacob (Paris)

3. Understanding counterfactual emotions

Speakers: Sarah Beck (Birmingham), Christoph Hoerl (Warwick), Eva Rafetseder (Stirling), Marianne Habib (Paris)

4. Social relations in social cognition

Speakers: Vivian Bohl (Tartu/Bochum), Joulia Smortchkova (Bochum), Olivier Mascaro (Budapest)

This symposium of the Baltic-German Liaison Office is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.